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Kongdy Transdermal Patch Manufacturing, with 35+ years of production experience, is able to produce custom formulated transdermal patches and nutritional patches for your application and provide turnkey solutions to provide you with printed medical bags and retail boxes complete product packaging. Want a quote or help with your patch? Speak with one of our manufacturing experts.

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What We Offer

  • medical patch OEM service|kongdymedical
    Own Brand OEM
    Easily own your exclusive medical patch brand, processing materials, samples, formulas on your demand.
  • ODM Brand Registry|kongdymedical
    ODM Brand Registry
    Free brand registration, product planning, formula research and all-round value-added services.
  • Product Analysis|kongdymedical
    Product Analysis
    Analyze the ingredients, helps to purchase all raw materials, support provided raw materials, formulas.
  • Private custom|kongdymedical
    Private custom
    Provide high-end, novel and practical packaging design, effectively meet the individual needs of packaging.
Extraordinary Services

Why You Should Choose KONGDY?

35+ Years Of Experience

Henan Kongdy Medical Devices Co., Ltd was founded in 1989, located in ZhouKou, Henan province in China. KONGDY has been focusing on medical patches more than 30 years.

Various categories

KONGDY has more than 2,000 traditional prescriptions. Such as wormwood patches, slimming patches, warm palace patches, antipyretic patches, pediatric patches, etc.

Efficient factory, fast delivery

GMP standard production workshop, 20 years of experience pharmacist team to control the production environment and production process.

Kongdy foucus on medical patch, offers best healthcare service|kongdymedical
Extraordinary Services

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